About Us

About Captain A’s

Captain A’s Seafood Grill is a Filipino-inspired grill house restaurant that is the first in Cebu to bring in the concept of the Philippine military boodle fight tradition to casual dining.

The boodle fight as a house specialty makes Captain A’s unique from other native grill houses in town. While the Philippine military boodle fight is usually eaten while standing around a long table where a jumble of food is laid over banana leaves and eaten with bare hands, at Captain A’s, guests can experience the boodle fight tradition nicely presented and served on a customized boodle tray and dining tables, and if they choose, with the use spoons and forks.

Captain A’s Seafood Grill is the flagship restaurant and brand of Simala Food Creation, Inc., a Cebu-based corporation that is a developing player in the consumer foodservice industry.

Concept Behind The Boodle Fight

One of the members of the corporation behind Captain A’s Seafood Grill belongs to a military family, thus, knows the ‘boodle fight’ by heart. The boodle fight has since been a venue for fellowship and celebration among members of the military, and so, the brainchild of Captain A’s wanted to capture and infuse that concept by bringing the boodle fight to the public, most especially to big groups of people like families, friends (barkadas), or colleagues so they, too, can experience what a boodle fight is, and at the same time, bond and share experiences through the boodle fight.

Our Vision

Captain A’s Seafood Grill strives to become one of the leading best-value providers in the Filipino restaurant sector through continuous creation of Filipino-inspired dishes that will offer a unique and exciting dining experience, with a commitment to providing satisfying service.

The Food at Captain A’s

Captain A’s Seafood Grill has become known as the home of boodle fight experience, which offers a unique and value-for-money eating adventure that are best shared by big groups of people such as families, friends, and colleagues.

Aside from the boodle fight, Captain A’s Seafood Grill also offers a wide range of ala carte dishes from appetizers to main dishes. The Crispy Spareribs in Sweet Chili is another must-try specialty as well as its recipe of the Chicken Halang-halang, along with the customers favorite, Baked Scallops in Garlic Butter, Sizzling Sisig, and Inihaw na Tuna Panga, and many more.

Captain A’s also offers well-loved Jacobos Specials, such as the Classic Crispy Pata, Spicy Squid, and Crabs in Oyster Sauce.