Barracks Room

Captain A’s Barracks Room can be booked separately or connected to cater up to 15 to 30 people. A group can occupy the room for an exclusive dining or for a business and client meetings. For a business and client meeting room booking we serve complimentary two cups of classic coffee for up to 30 persons. For equipment rental services, please contact us 2-3 days prior to your meeting or dining date. Barrack Rooms are available for rental from minimum of 3 hours. For barrack room reservations, contact our customer service representative.


Karaoke Box

It says that in Captain A’s Seafood Grill, it makes your dining experience more FUN when eating together with your friends, teammates, your families especially when celebrating here for your birthdays, anniversary, reunions, getting-together, barkada treats, victory party or even just a simple family dining. From surprisingly shocking and shrilling voices of our staff when doing the tradition in serving the boodle fight meals. A shout here is a sign to commence your boodle fight. A jingle you shall happily hear when you come here for a celebration.

But here’s something else, a PLUS for your celebration. The Videoke room that caters up to 20-25 people with its P4,000.00 consumable rate good for three(3 hours). We all know that everybody loves singing. Do not resist the enjoyment if you’re planning to make your celebration more FUN! It’s extra special. Reserve it now! And, grab a mic.


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